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Customer Experience

It is not customer service, which supports customers on their journey. Especially, when their experience is not good enough.

It can be the set of interactions between a customer and a supplier. Though this is more commonly called the Customer Journey. Journeys help us understand external influences on our customer experience.Customer Experience is a lever to sustainable business growth. It is not a goal.

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  • The External Impact Of Great Customer Experience
  • The Internal Impact Of Great Customer Experience

Customers continue with good experiences (a good experience has low drop outs). They come back (a good experience has high retention). They tell people (free marketing is a sign of a good experience).

If your experience is good, customers will be the first to try your new products, services and touchpoints. They will even give you ideas for innovation and disruption.

Great Customer Experience is intentional. When we let our experiences happen by accident – in the weird space between each department’s goals – it won’t meet our customers’ needs. Therefore, great customer experience is a team sport, where everyone agrees how to meet customer needs and works together to deliver a great experience.

You manage your objectives, processes and systems to deliver customer and business needs. A great customer experience is easy to deliver consistently.